Saturday, May 24, 2014

We Have Arrived

Spring Hope, North Carolina is "out in the country" and I have to say it's beautiful here.  We arrived yesterday at the country home of our son-in laws parents, Bob and Fran Bunn.  We are comfortably parked on their 20 acre home surrounded by forest and green lawns covering acres.

Bob has a John Deere tractor and he knows how to use it.  I don't miss mowing my lawn but if I had a lawn I would need a John Deere to mow it.  Very manly.

Terri and Eva checking out a 57' Chevy.  Nice ride.
This morning we went to a car show that the Bunn's were volunteering at.  Bob had hauled his 'Cooker" behind his truck to provide BBQ for those attending.  This is not some little backyard BBQ but a full sized "cook for the whole community" sized grill.

We visited a couple farmers markets than returned home to do some RV projects.  I'm looking forward to some downtime here to catch up on small RV repairs and maintenance.  As usual, I have a little list.  I checked off two things today.

Eva is in doggy heaven.  The Bunn's have a two year old dog that loves to play and they have plenty of lawn to chase each other.  They can go for hours.  Scruffy and Eva are in love.

Let's run.  OK.  I'll chase you first.
Here are a few pictures from the last few days.

Sunrise over the Atlantic.  Terri and Eva walking the beach before 6:00am.
This is all you need to know on the back of a t-shirt.
We are having a fine time in Spring Hope.  Life is good.

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