Monday, May 12, 2014

We've Got Georgia on Our Mind

Home Sweet Home.
We're settled in here at Skidaway Island State Park which is about 12 miles outside of Savannah, Georgia.  We paid for three nights here but we already know after our visit into the city today that we will be here longer.  My guess is it will take a week to see and maybe longer.

As you can see we are under Spanish Moss covered trees.  This is normal as there are more trees here than at home in Washington state.  As we drive it feels like we are in tunnels of moss lined Live Oaks.  Most of this city is under a shade tree, and that includes downtown.

As usual we are eating way to well.  Lunch today was on Market Street in old downtown. 

Actually it's all "old".  Savannah has done an amazing job of protecting their historic city.  As we walked around we could imagine being there 200 years ago.  The streets and 22 downtown parks or "Squares" have remained unchanged in centuries.  They still have roads paved with ballast rocks from early sailing ships.

I was in so much visual overload I took very few photos today.

We have purchased a three day pass for the trollies, so we are set for the next few days of exploring.  There are many miles to be walked each day in the next week.

I have downgraded from gators to something a little more manageable.  He tried to sell me insurance.
Tomorrow I promise you a zillion pictures of a great city.  It won't be hard from what we saw today.

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  1. Your insurance lizard made me smile. I look forward to your next Savannah post.