Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mr. Brave

Davis Bayou National Park Service
We are adding several more days to our stay here in Mississippi.  We have called ahead to several parks in Florida and they are still flooded and closed.  Pensacola experienced 24" of rain in one day and they are still drying out.

The last two days here have been warm and clear skies.  Mid 70's is perfect for hiking and rowing so we decided to stay put and enjoy ourselves.

Nice tan lines.  Huh?
Bare foot in the bayou.  That is a fine way to spend May Day.  It was a slow row through the wandering bayou channels.


So what lurks in the bayou?  Here's what was to be seen today.
Three turtles lined up on a log in the sun.
Creepy snakes.  Where's my stick to hit it with.
A really big alligator.
Now for my gator story.  We saw this gator on our hike this morning.  No problem, we were standing on the side of the road looking down.  He was sleeping.  I'm not scared.
In the afternoon I went for my paddle around the bayous.  I knew there could be gators but I'm a brave guy.  No problem.  At least not until a gator splashed into the water about 25 feet from my inflatable kayak.  I was no longer brave.  I had planned on taking a picture if I saw a gator.  Somehow my need to row away like a madman out weighed my need for a photo. 
Sorry, no live action photo of me wrestling a gator.  Not today or ever.
Terri and Eva glowing in the sun.
Life is good and I am not quite as brave as I thought.

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