Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Humble Man

We did three hikes today at Hunting Island State Park.  The park has the Atlantic on one side and marsh lands on the West side.  We started the day in the marshes.

Horseshoe crabs in love.

Thousands and thousands of acres of grass covered tidal lands with patches
of dry land and a few trees or bushes.
Next we climbed the Hunting Island Lighthouse.  It was one of the best we have seen.  Terri gets dizzy after climbing around in circles for 3 or 4 levels.  This is good because I can recover from my wheezing and panting.

She just keeps going in circles.
It's looking up for me. Just 187 steps.
This lighthouse has been moved twice as the beach has eroded since 1873. 
At one time it sat on dry land about a mile out in the ocean.
That's the date it was built not the house address.  An old lighthouse keepers joke, as shared with us today.

A view from the lighthouse of our campground on the sandy point to the North.

Our last big hike for the day was a couple miles up the beach as far North as we could go. The wetlands and channel leading back into the Sound brings an end to the beautiful sandy beach.

Eva loves walking or running the beach.  She is a wild dog once she hits the sand.  We had finally worn out the dog, she came home and fell asleep for several hours.

What's for dinner?  On the road into the park I could see shrimp boats moored in a lagoon in the middle of the marsh.  I hopped into the car and drove until I found them.

I looked for Forest Gump.  Maybe I should have asked for Bubba.

I purchased a pound of fresh shrimp.  They were the 3 bite size shrimp and they cleaned them for me.  I have cooked Cajun Etoufee' several times since we entered the South but this was my first time with shrimp.  If I was one to brag, I would say that dinner was amazing and wonderful.  But being humble I'll settle for world class and extraordinary.

Proof once again that we Rangers are modest about our accomplishments.
The proof is in the picture.
Sweet Tea, Cajun Shrimp Etoufee' over Brown Rice, Ya'll.

Life is good, for a humble man.

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  1. Love that lighthouse view of the treetops and ocean!!!