Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time to Walk on Water

Today was cool (78) and raining in Savannah, so after a quiet morning we did a small road trip to Tybee Island.  As usual the country roads are lined with Live Oaks.

Our first stop was at Fort Pulaski National Park. The fort is positioned at the entrance to the Savannah River and was built to protect the city.

No gators, but there were fish jumping in the moat.

If you have 2,700,000 bricks, you can build a fort too.

Terri enters the fort umbrella in hand.
After crossing the moat on a draw bridge, we passed thru the doors into the Civil War fort.  By the end of the Civil War a new type of cannon was invented with "rifling".  The new shells could travel further than a cannon ball and they could penetrate the fort.  With 400,000 pounds of gun powder stored in the fort it was a time bomb waiting to explode.

Two hours into the battle the General surrendered before the fort could explode.  Technology had won the battle.

Inside the fort walls.
 Once rifled shells began landing inside the fort, it was time to surrender.
Bringing out the big guns.

We headed down the road to Tybee Island Light House which was built in 1744.  There are two light houses on the river, one is out in the middle of the river.  The one we visited is in a beautiful community of beach homes.  Just after we arrived it started to rain heavily and we were warned that if we heard thunder we should come down immediately.  Being up high in a lighthouse with steel steps is not a good idea.  Luckily there was no lightning.

We looked quickly and descended 178 steps.

Up 178 steps to the top.
A view from the top.
The light and lenses were made in Paris.

Looking out and looking down.
We returned back to the motorhome in time for the skies to open and pour buckets.  We are now sitting in about 3 inches of rain water.  Another waterfront campsite.

Picnic table, bikes and RV sitting in several inches of rain water.
The next dog walk will be an adventure for Eva and I.  My plan is to put on my flip-flops and jump in.  Yes, I will carry her to dry ground.  I love my dog.

Life is good and a little wet.

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