Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Road Home for Son-In-Law Robby

The road back home looks just like this.  Because we are enjoying our time with our son-in-laws parents I thought I should send Robby a few memories.

This is where your home sits on enough acres that you don't even see it from the country road.  A drive down the entrance brings you to the Bunn home.

Imagine having a 15 acre lawn and yard. In the city that would be well over 60 homes.  This is beautiful country living.

Robby's grandparents home.
Across the street is the unoccupied home of Robby's grandparents.  The extended family still maintains a beautiful lawn and grounds.

Sitting a few hundred yards from this home is the family graveyard.  I had no idea how far back the family history went until this mornings walk.  It was a cooler morning (mid 70's) with the dew still on the grass as Eva and I went for our stroll.

As I crossed the street I saw the graveyard.  A long manicured lawn led to the fenced family plot. 

I had no idea of how far back this families history went on this farm.  It could be counted in generations.  It could be counted through three different centuries.

This soldiers tombstone read 1843-1906

Sallie Matthews Bunn 1848-1927
Family history is not something that most of us think about.  We move every few years, if someone is still in the same home for a decade or two that seems like a long time.  Sallie was born 166 years ago and is still on family land.

Robby, thanks for having a gracious and nice family.  We are enjoying your home greatly.  You were right, it is beautiful here.

The Road Home.
I can now understand why you have talked about coming back home.  It makes sense to me now.

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