Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Amazing Avery Family

Eva digging a hole on her morning beach walk.  Atlantic or Pacific....she likes sand.
Yesterday we spent time with the Avery family.  Kassie is my second cousin.  Her dad (Dan) and his brother (Boyd) caused  mischief regularly with my brother and I.  The four of us may not be welcome in a certain National Park.  It involved us throwing rocks at a neighbors watermelon that was cooling in the stream.  For 8-10 year olds, one of us had very good aim.  I remember it being Kassie's dad.  Uncle Harry had to quickly buy that busted watermelon.

The highlight of the day was Case and Cutter's soccer game.  The two boys have inherited the athletic gene from their Grandpa.  The game was won by the Avery brothers 5-0.  Case scored 3 goals and Cutter had 1 goal.  Both boys are fearless in their play.  Case could be covered by 4 opponents and go straight through them, always headed for the goal.  I felt a little sorry for the other team, but not too sorry.  More proud.

Case, Colson and Cutter.  Great boys!!
Kassity and the three dogs.
Tyler BBQ'd a pork butt for dinner.  He is a Captain in the fire department so he really knows all about fire and BBQ.  Kassie made the coleslaw and beans.  Another true Southern meal. 

The kids are fun to be with, Kassity could talk your ears off, Case has volunteered to move-in and travel with us, Colson is just plain cute and Cutter WILL be a professional athlete.  Each kid is an exceptional person.  We enjoyed our time with the Avery family.

Tyler Fixin' BBQ.
Kassie is a really great Mom.  I'm a proud Uncle.
Motorhome panorama shot.
I finally broke down and purchased a new camera.  My old camera was about 8 years old and had developed dark spots in the images.  I now have a Sony 16.1 megapixel camera with an 8x optical zoom Carl Zeiss lenses.  Once I figure out all the options it should improve my photography.  At least that's what I told Terri.

In the photo above I was sitting in my recliner rotating as the camera shot 5 frames to make the panorama photo.  Cool.

Mostly I needed the new camera to shoot better pictures of my lazy dog.
Life is good.  Eva is smiling.

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  1. I'm so happy you stopped by to see the Averys. Thanks for posting family pics.