Saturday, May 3, 2014

Relay for Life

The luminaries spell HOPE.  Terri is sitting right in front of them, making it the perfect picture.

Last evening we attended the "Relay for Life" event at the football stadium in Ocean Springs.  It was a special time for us because Terri celebrated her 15th year in remission from Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.  We have participated in the Tacoma event many times and when we saw the signs for the Relay we knew we wanted to attend.

The local high schools mascot is the greyhounds.  We adopted retired racers (12) for many years and any time Terri see's anything having to do with greyhounds she is happy.

Go  Hounds
We will be leaving Davis Bayou Sunday morning to head for Alabama.  Things have dried out so we are hoping the nice sunny weather continues for the next week.

That's my gator sleeping.  He's waiting for me to row past.  Dinner.
Life is good. The gator will remain hungry.


  1. HOLY MOLEY! You saw a real live (non-zoo) alligator? Please don't get eaten!!!

    Glad that you got to go to the Relay event. YAY FOR REMIssiON!

    More pics once you get to Alabama, right?

  2. Yes, time to leave that gator alone! Curious where you are going in Alabama? Gulf Shores maybe? My parents took us there as kids on a Saturday for picnics and playing in the surf.

  3. We are going to stay away from the coastline for several more days. Many campgrounds are still closed. We are headed toward Lake Seminole on the Georgia / Florida line but will take a few days getting there.