Sunday, March 30, 2014

City of Rocks

We made the move to New Mexico today. The trip from Benson, Arizona to City of Rocks State Park was only 160 miles and was an easy drive with most of the trip on a two lane road.  There is not much traffic driving through the mountains going from one desert to the next.

We stopped in Silver City which is a mining town.  Most of the well preserved town was from the late 1800's.  Despite Walmart the downtown is doing well and still active.  It is an artsy kind of place with about 30 galleries.  We did a quick walk through the 5 or 6 blocks but not a lot was open because it was Sunday.  We'll come back tomorrow to look around.

Our campsite is very unique.  We are parked in a secluded site between huge boulders.  As we look out our living room window we can see a dozen rocks, the biggest being about 25 feet tall.  Out our front windshield we can see desert sage brush going for 10-15 miles until it hits the mountain range.  The mountain range completely fills our full width of vision.  Just the front window view must cover 30 miles of mountains.

From our campsite we can not see a single person or any form of civilization.  A hawk or a golden eagle just flew by looking for dinner, so I guess we are not totally alone.  We'll keep an eye on Eva, so she doesn't become eagle dinner.

The only slight problem with this perfect spot is the wind.  From our perch on top of the hill the wind gusts are about 38MPH.  That kind of a wind will really shake the motorhome, even with the stabilizers down.  We are hoping things will settle down this evening.

Now you may ask, where are the pictures?  Here comes the daily dog story.  Eva rides on the floor between us as we drive.  When we arrived in Silver City I looked down to see half a cell phone cable.  Yep, wonderdog had eaten the end of my cable.  Thus no photos today.

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