Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Crooked Road

There is a truly crooked road that winds through the mountains of Western Virginia.  Along that road are small towns, villages and corners that feature Bluegrass and Americana music.  Yesterday we followed the Crocked Road to Floyd.  Floyd may be "Mecca" for Bluegrass musicians young and old.

On the road to Floyd.
Day Lillies grow wild along the country roads.

Old barns are plentiful
Just off Main street in Floyd is "The Floyd Country Store". It is home to an amazing venue for Bluegrass music. It's a store all day and in the evening all the shelving is rolled away to made a dance floor and concert location.

An empty stage and dance floor....Hundreds of fans will be here in an hour.

The concert begins with Gospel Bluegrass.
That's Terri clapping along.

 The second and third bands are for dancing and clogging.  The dance floor held about 75 dancers ranging in ages from 2 to 80.  As the evening went on the floor became more crowded but everyone was having the time of their lives.  It was an event to be seen.

Ahead of one number, they announced that the next dance would be a square dance.  Terri and I were on the floor in a second.  It was not the normal square dancing we know but we were more than able to adapt and we had a blast.  We followed that with a waltz to some very beautiful fiddling.

Even mountain men dance.
 Now while all that is happening inside, the street outside is lined with musicians and hundreds of people wandering and listening.  There are more people outside than inside.  And the Country Store is standing room only and they are turning people away.

This all is not a one time thing.  This is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday....all year long.

Young or old....they all danced.
That little blur was a two year old.
She had happy feet and loved to dance.

Life is good along the Crooked Road.

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