Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Old Dog Still Learning

Eva = Young Dog
Russ = Old Dog
I may be an old dog, but I can still learn a new trick now and then.  This afternoon I had some time on my hands (always) so I sat down to figure out how to add a few features to the blog.  I few times you've asked where we were.  I needed a map on the blog.  I am getting pretty good at mapping programs and GPS with our travels.

My goal this afternoon was to learn how to add a map to the blog.  It should be simple, right?  I soon learned that Blogger had no mapping program nor an easy way to access Goggle Maps.  You might think that because both programs are written by the same company that it would just take a few clicks and I would have an interactive map showing where we were.


So I "Googled" what I wanted to do and found several tutorials that would help me learn how to accomplish what I wanted.  The only problem was I would need to understand HTML and Java Script.

Here comes the old dog part.  I sat down and read and clicked away for a few hours.  I now have a fully functional map that will allow you to see where we are located.  Just click on the map and you can reduce or enlarge the map.  If you want a satellite view, click on the little box in the lower left hand corner.  If you enlarge you will see us waving back at you.  Really.

Our To Do List
I wasn't a total lazy bum today.  We got 7 of the 10 things on our "To Do List" done before sitting down for quality computer time.  While I was fiddling on the computer I also added a "Pageview Counter" to the blog.  A vanity thing for sure, but I like it anyway.

The dog went swimming this afternoon.  She can dog paddle.  I am impressed with our Mexican Mutt.  That was it for excitement.

Life is good for an old dog....woof.

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  1. Dad, I really like the map! HTML coding is a pretty fun (and pretty nerdy) thing to do. Kudos! Have you figured out how to take and post videos? (If not, there's your next assignment!) I want a video of puppy swimtime!