Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Rangers Fine Shine"

My new buddies.
That's me to the far right.  You can only see part of my leg and foot.  My new associates and I have decided to enter the time honored profession of  "Moonshining".  I've found the still and they are busy making barrels for "Rangers Fine Shine".

Now in case things don't go well with my new venture you can come and see me at the courthouse.

My trial will be in Martinsville.
I will need to stack the jury because the presiding judge is known as "Hang'em High Terri".  Please come and do your civic duty by serving on my jury.

Presiding Judge....the Honorable Judge Terri.
I know that with your help and a promise of free moonshine that justice will be served.  My new found freedom will find me back at my usual spot on Main Street.

An innocent man back in his spot.
We are enjoying our time in western Virginia.  I am working on my accent so that I can fit in with the locals.  They seem to recognize that neither Terri or I are from around these parts.

We are off to Floyd, Virginia tomorrow to listen to music at the Floyd Country Store.  It's hard to explain this place, so go have a look.  Click on the link for a cultural experience.

If you have time listen to one of their podcasts from their radio show.  It will give you a real flavor for  this area.
Life is good in a small town.

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