Monday, June 23, 2014

I've Got Butterflies

My son Matthew and his wife Monique came to spend two days with us at our campsite in Front Royal, Virginia.  Grandsons Jackson and Billy had to stick close to the RV because we had lots of rain during those days.  Billy became an expert at driving the Monaco and was handling it like a pro after only two day.

During one of our sun breaks we all went down to the Shenandoah River so the kids could swim and play.
Jackson in the middle of the river.
We did spend an afternoon walking the historic Civil War town of Front Royal.  The town was in both army's control during that time.  It is now a very nice active downtown that we walked around to view the old buildings from Civil War times.

Today we drove the Skyline Drive into the Shenandoah National Park to do a 3 mile hike.  We got an early start but it was slow going with more elevation gain than we expected.  The Appalachian Trail runs the 105 mile length of the park.  I was glad we only had a 3 mile hike because it took us 3 hours to cover that distance.  That fortunately matched the amount of water we had for us and the dog.

Terri and Eva were always ahead of me today.
On one of the many uphill climbs we hit a ridge that had a great view down into the valley several thousand feet in elevation below us.  We sat on a rock to recover and enjoy the view.

Early in the hike we came to an open area and the sunlight and flowers had attracted dozens of butterflies.  We stood and let them flutter around us as they went from flower to flower.

Life is good....I've got Butterflies.

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