Thursday, June 19, 2014

Waterfall Hike

We spent a couple nights at Peaks of Otter National Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway in western Virginia.  It was at mile 85 of the 469 mile road that goes from peak to peak in the mountains through two states.

One of the reasons we picked that area was for the hiking and waterfalls.  It was going to be a very hot day so we got an early start.

We never saw another person on the whole hike.
We had the wilderness to ourselves.

After descending many hundred feet of elevation we started hearing falling waters.
At the bottom of the gorge was a bridge to cross the river.

Terri decided to climb down the rocks to a place she could carefully jump from rock to rock.
No need for a bridge.
She made it across, so I had to follow.

At this point the water tumbled over a 75 foot solid rock.
Of course she wanted to see what it was like under the falls.

She was yelling, "I'm getting wet."  Duh.

I stayed behind on dry ground.

Our waterfall selfie.
What goes down must climb back up.  The walk back to the top of the falls was just the beginning of the hike out.  The temperature that day topped out at 96.  It was a long climb but worth every step.

Life is good when hiking.

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