Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cleaning the Great Outdoors Since 2013

 Here I am bare footed and hard at work.

Terri laughed at me when she saw me vacuuming the great outdoors.  We had just spent 3 hours giving the interior of the motorhome a thorough cleaning.  The only logical thing to do next was to clean-up the indoor/outdoor carpet.  So of course the best solution was to vacuum the "Great Outdoors".

When we were finished with our chores it was time for a road trip.  One of our favorite places in Washington is the Teanaway Valley.  It's on the way over Blewett Pass. 

Along the way we stopped at several National Forest Service campgrounds to see where we could spend a couple days next week.  Our best find was a campground along the Swauk Creek.

We continued our drive over Blewett Pass and noticed a sign that said "Old Blewett Pass Road.  I told Terri if we see the other end of the road when we get over the summit we should take it on the way back.

We continue to follow our rule to randomly turn left or right off any road we're traveling on.  We have learned that we love being lost, so today was a great day to be lost.  We did a few dirt roads and a quick detour to the town of Liberty.  Several dozen people still live there.  There is not a single painted house in the whole town.  Just aged unpainted wood.  It was a neat place to see.

After wandering for a few hours we made it over the summit.  I had my eyes peeled for where the Old Blewett Road rejoined the new highway.  I had studied the map and it looked like it was still passable.  The map gave a warning that it was an extremely windy road with a summit of 4,100 feet.

Well they weren't kidding.  At one time it had been a two lane road, now time and vegetation had most of it down to one lane.  At one point Terri said, "I just hit 20 MPH".  Most of the road was only safe at 5-15 MPH, with dozens of switchbacks and hairpin turns being completely blind curves.
This was a typical view along the road.  The mountains going straight up on our right side and straight down on the other side.

Needless to say, we loved it.

This was  a wide spot in the old road so I asked Terri to pull over so I could take a few photos.

We never saw a single vehicle on the whole road.  That was a good thing because most of the time there was only room for one car.  And today it was us.

What a great day!


  1. Will you two now be known as Lewis and Clarkette? You guys have more fun than the average person. I sent my kids to live in the Teanaway Valley every summer from age 10-16. They loved it over there.

  2. Hey, when you end up a little further east, let me know why they call it Potholes State Park, would ya?

  3. Oh, and I'm now having good Boeing Camp memories. Thanks!