Monday, July 22, 2013

Not Very Captivating

A short post tonight because I'm tired.  We drove back over the pass to deliver Roseta and Jake back home.  I had a few medical things to take care of in Tacoma. While I was out in the car doing the grocery shopping for the next week Terri stayed behind at Tamra and Robby's house and did the laundry from the last couple of weeks.

Not very exciting but I guess we have to take care of business every now and then. 

Two quick photos of our adorable grandchildren this morning before we headed out.  Home, to the home on wheels, by 8:00 pm.

Perhaps a little more excitement in tomorrows blog.  I can't always be captivating.

I checked the stats on my Blog tonight and I have reached 1,003 page views.  Who would think?

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