Monday, March 17, 2014

Best Flan Ever

I think I'll write todays blog backwards.  I don't mean standing on my head, rather chronologically.

Life is short.... eat dessert first!!!
We just had our final meal at Los Nopales.  The advantage to having lunch there is they still have flan available at noon.  In the evening it may already be gone.  We leave for Phoenix tomorrow so it was our last chance to have the best flan in the world.  Sometimes I exaggerate, this is NOT one of those times.  The VERY BEST FLAN.  E.V.E.R.

If you don't believe me just hop in your car and drive 1,600 mile to the edge of the Saguaro Desert.  When you arrive order a Flan.  You will agree that it was worth the drive.

For our last meal, Red Chili Beef.
All their food is good.
The Red Chili Beef is "to die for".
We had our favorite, Red Chili Beef, for the fourth or fifth time since finding Los Nopales. As always amazing.  Than came dessert.

We had one last maintenance item to check on this morning.  The Honda Fit brakes needed a quick check.  All was well so we headed home to the RV.  As we were driving a strange thing happened.  We were headed down Kinney Road towards the Saguaro Desert when the car failed to make the turn onto Bopp Road.  We were both surprised when we ended up at Los Nopales Restaurant.  What a pleasant surprise.  So long as we were there we might as well have lunch.

Slide topper replacement time.
Yesterday it was time to replace the two slide covers on the RV.  Before leaving last Summer we replaced the main awning and we knew that at some point it would be time for the slide cover/awnings.  If you remember last October we were greeted to Arizona by a major wind storm.  Those twisters tore the living room slide awning to bits and pieces.

We knew that when we returned to Tucson that would be the first order of business.  We ordered online a 127" and a 158" replacement vinyl for each slide.  It turned out that the company is in Washington state (weren't we just there).  They shipped them to us in Tucson.

I planned on finding someone to help me because it is a two person job.  When the time came Terri was that person.  We worked great as a team and had it all finished in a few hours.  I remembered the husband rule:  Do NOT raise your voice / Do NOT yell.  I followed those simple rules and every thing went great.

The bedroom slide with new awning material.
Our Carefree slide covers also extend to become awnings over the windows.
It makes a big difference in heat from the Sun.
I can highly recommend "Tough Top Awnings" to all RV'ers when that day comes to replace their toppers.  Just for reference, the cost of 2 new covers was $337.00 total with shipping for both slides.  That is much less than the manufactures replacements.  From all I've read on the forums their 15 ounce material will be tougher and last longer than the replacements from the original manufactures.  Call Ray at 480-773-2978.

I really don't want to test that theory with another twister.

The new living room slide without the awning extended.
Sunday evening we drove to Green Valley to square dance to Jerry Junck.  He is a great caller and all 7 squares had to be thinking quickly to keep up with him.  We met many nice people and enjoyed a very good dance.

We had fun dancing in Tucson.

Life is good.... good dancing, good wife, good weather, great flan.

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