Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fabulous Fotos and Phood

Another beautiful evening sunset here in Tucson.  On the way back from Nopales Restaurant I made Terri pull over several times so we could look at the sunset.  Stunning.

So if we can see the sunsets to the West what happens when we turn around and face East?  Let's take a look.

Mountains to the East.  Just after sunset so they are a little pink.
The full moon arisen' tonight.
And if one mountain won't do, we'll have two please.  The last of the sunset glow lights the center of this photo.
Saguaro cactus by the hundreds or thousands.
There is a whole ridge of these peaks that go to the horizon. There are many dozen but I haven't tried to count them all.  I'm not sure they name them there are so many.

Well back to the true highlight of the day.  Food.  We headed for our favorite Mexican food at Nopales Restaurant.  We each had a different plate of Enchiladas this evening.  Both were good but I think I made the better choice.  We were lucky we arrived early, the place was almost full.  By the time we left, people were standing outside waiting there turn.

Green-White and Red Enchiladas. 
The center Enchilada was my favorite, Red Chili Beef with Sour Cream.
A lot more than I could eat..... here comes breakfast.
Terri is happy because she has a Pacifico with Lime.
Life is good..... and the food is even better.

A little different exposure that on the first photo.  All my photos are shot on my Razor cell phone.

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  1. The first photo of today's blog is AWESOME. I love it! You should sell postcards or prints or something.