Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tucson is Fine

We're settled into Diamond J here west of Tucson for the next twelve days.  We are on the edge of the Saguaro National Park so there are Saguaro cactus by the zillions.  Saguaro are the official looking cactus with the arms growing straight up out of their sides.  Think Taco Bell.

Our first two days here have been full of maintenance and house keeping.  Transitioning all our personal belongings from Mazatlán to the RV is just like setting up home again.  We have both decided that our memories are awful.  Every drawer we open is a surprise.  You would think we could remember where things were just 4 months ago.

I had to replace the two 6 volt golf cart batteries that power our 12 volt house electrical.  One battery would not hold a charge so it was time to visit Costco.  Once that was done I had one of our neighbors here help me trace down a faulty circuit board in our Norcold fridge/freezer.  (Some folks refer to these fridges as "No Cold".  We're back up and running, it's time to go back to Costco to load up the fridge.

Of course life is not all work.  There is also eating.

Gooooooood food
If you are a regular follower of our blog you will remember our "Fall Quest" to find the best Mexican food on the West Coast.  We have covered 11 states in the US and 2 states in Mexico asking people we meet our favorite question, " Where is the best Mexican food?"

Several times we thought we had found "Mexican Food Heaven" only to be surprised by even better food the next week.  It was a labor of love and we were truly dedicated to our mission.  Our devotion was rewarded last Fall in a tiny hole in the wall restaurant, Nopales.

This place is right on the edge of the National Park.  It is located in a strange old set of old buildings that makes it difficult to even find the front door.  But it was worth the search.

After 8 months of which 4 were spent in Mexico we went back to Nopales Restaurant to confirm our discovery.  Yep, still the best.

Why, you may ask?  The plates of Red Chile Pepper Beef are "Mexican Food Heaven".  The beef melts in your mouth, the flavor is to die for.  As we said last Fall, "Better than sex".  I could exaggerate and say that we drove 1,600 miles in the last 3 days to get back to Nopales, but as you know I am not prone to stretch the truth.

Life is good and we are enjoying being back in the sun after our two weeks in the Pacific Northwest.

Sleeping puppy....the best kind.
She loves to ride in the car, although most of the time she is asleep.
She's just like Grandma Ranger, once in the car the nap begins.

Bonus picture of the day:

Mount Shasta on our return trip to Tucson.

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  1. Glad to had found the link to your blog. Now I can go back east with the both of you.