Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Grass is Greener......

Poor Eva has been a month without any warm green grass to lay in.  We didn't know that this was a problem.  She never said a word.  Tucson is really short on grass and all the grass in the Pacific Northwest was cold and wet.

So today for the first time in a month she saw "Paradise".  A patch of beautiful green grass.  She made a quick dash and was laying down with a smile on her face.

She's in heaven. 
If I had gotten a side shot you would be able to see her smile.
Once she was in the grass it was time to roll.  She had no intention of ever leaving, it was warm, it was soft and it tasted great.  I didn't mention that she loves to eat blades of grass.

Sorry, I'm never leaving this spot.
Just go along without me.
I'll be fine.  Just go.
I said just leave.
We square danced Wednesday, Friday and will dance tonight in Green Valley.  The reason I mention this is that we were back at Rincon West, the place we danced on Wednesday night when Eva discovered her grass patch.  We had dropped by to see the place in the daylight.

Rincon West is one of those massive gated communities that is full of snowbirds.  We visited our first "Park Model" in a senior community.  I've been curious where and why all those snowbirders go South every Winter.

I have to say we were impressed.  A tight knit community living in small houses sharing beautiful common areas.  Golf cart zipping about and people out walking and biking everywhere.

I am beginning to see the attraction.  They also had an area for RVers with about 200 RV's sharing the same lifestyle.  Here is a link to see for yourself what is going on with all those snowbirds:  Life is not so bad out in the middle of the desert.

We did eventually drag the poor dog out of the grass.  I am pretty sure she would be just fine staying there with the snowbirds.  Terri said "NO".

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