Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Dog may Make us Rich

Sunrise in Benson, Arizona.
Sunset in Benson, Arizona.
Now a good question is why is a retired guy up before sunrise?  I could say I love communing with nature but the truth is the dog is awake and ready to go at 5:45 every morning. 

We have been going out on day trips each day.  The best outing was going to Kartchner Caverns.  Unfortunately they do not allow any photography in the caves.  After being down there I can understand why.  Flashing cameras would be distracting to everyone.  It  was best to just take it all in as we walked.

Terri getting ready to spelunk.
We wandered through the countryside on both dirt and paved roads.  Many towns were small enough to have the "Welcome" and "Come Again" signs on the same post.

Tombstone City Hall circa 1881.
Tombstone is still alive and well.  No Bat Masterson or Doc Holiday walking the streets but tourists waiting for a gun fight on Main Street is the norm now.

The stagecoach still runs down Main Street.
If it wasn't for telephone poles and SUV's that picture could be a century ago.

One of the prices to be paid for traveling back roads is rock chips in our windshields.  The Honda had one and the RV had two.  What is the price you might ask?  The Honda was $25.00 and the Monaco was $40.00.  I though the price was great and it included him coming to the RV to do the repair the morning after he fixed the car.  No need to involve the insurance company when it is that cheap.

While we were sitting in the RV one morning a neighbor was having their carpets cleaned.  I walked over and made arrangements for him to do our motorhome.  $60.00 and I didn't have to go get a Rug Doctor or do the work myself.  I'm getting lazy.  Cool.

Eva the wonderdog digging in the dirt.
On one of the many walks, Eva began digging in the dirt in the desert.  Dirt was flying everywhere.  Pretty soon she had her treasure in her mouth.  Terri called her over to see what she had found.  It turns out that Eva was not digging, she was mining.  She had a beautiful crystal in her mouth.  I'll show you a photo of her find in the next blog. 

Our dog may make us rich.

A final sunset over Arizona before leaving.
We will be moving along to New Mexico tomorrow.  We will be spending a few days at City of Rock State Park near Deming, New Mexico.  Take a look at where we will be:

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