Monday, August 26, 2013

Charity is Special

There is no one on earth quite like my daughter Charity.  Most of you that read this blog know exactly what I mean.  For those that don't know my youngest child I'm about to give you a small glimpse into a very "Special" person.

Although Charity is 33 years old, she has managed to still have the heart and spirit of a 9 year old girl.  Don't get me wrong she has graduated for the UW, worked the past 15 years and is a responsible adult in almost every way.

She just never lost the joy of being a kid.

Charity and her cousin Margaret
Not a lot has changed in three decades, both women still march to a different drummer than most.

Her eyes still go closed when she smiles, which is most of the time.  In her own opinion she is hilarious.  Almost everyone she has ever met agrees.  When she graduated from the UW she was one of four commencement speakers.  The first three speakers were good, but serious.  Well, Charity sees the world a little different.  She had several thousand people laughing with her throughout her much less than serious speech.  That is how life is around her.

What brought the notion to write about my kid was a phone call from her last night.  Charity loves doing crafts.  Anytime she has a whim about something new she jumps right in.  Last night's call started with her saying, "Dad I'm going to learn book binding."  We talked for the next 20 minutes about her new endeavor.  I have no doubt she will be an official book binder by the end of the week.

Back a few decades Charity announced, "I have joined the girls basketball team at school."  That might seem like a normal statement from any other kid.  Not from Charity.  To the best of my knowledge she had never picked up a basketball, much less taken her first shot at the hoop.  I asked her how she had prepared to enter this arena of sports.  She replied, " I went to the library and checked out a book about basketball and I have read it."

I suggested she go out our backdoor and take a few shots at the hoop in our driveway.

Random Photo of the Day
All 7 grandkids at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Willow Street.
The little boy sitting on Grandpa's lap is Sam.  He's getting married this weekend.
Grandma and Grandpa would be happy and proud.


  1. Aww. You made me cry. I sure wish Mom and Dad were here this week.

  2. Ahh crap, now I feel bad for yelling at her for dropping her pills on the ground and then blaming it on Lucy. Any reasonable 9-year old kid would realize that blaming it on the dog literally never gets suspicious.