Sunday, August 18, 2013

So Who's Reading This?

OK I'm a little curious.  Who in the world is reading this blog?  I started writing the blog to keep in touch with kids, grandkids, family and friends.  I've heard many nice comments and some folks have even enjoyed my daily "Dear Diary" writing.

The stats this morning show 2,150 pageviews.  Huh?  Of course, that is over the past 7 weeks.  That's still a lot, I don't have that many grandkids.

Part of the information I receive from BlogSpot is information on what country people are viewing from.  In the past month my world map shows 10 different countries.  Why would someone from South Korea, Malaysia, Germany or Russia want to read about Grandpa Ranger?  I guess I must be fascinating.

Who in Austria, Spain, Finland and France actually reads my blog?  Why do more Russians (199) read than Canadians (66)?  Have I done something to offend my Canadian friends?  Come to think of it I don't have 66 Canadian friends.

Well to all you that read the "Lone Ranger's Blog" a big thank you.  Whoever in the world you are?

Great Grandpa's annual harvest from his dwarf apple trees in his back yard.
Not only could he chop wood, he could grow apples.
Terri asks me why I put random photos in my blog?  It's my blog and I can.


  1. Wow... a celebrity in the fam!

    I like the pic. Or should that be "pick"?

  2. Guten Morgen! Well, we like to read this to make sure you are having fun in your retirement. Plus we like the cool pics! I think I have finally fourd they key to writing a comment on this blog! Aloha, Jamie