Saturday, August 31, 2013

True Confessions

Let me begin by saying, "It wasn't my fault."  I would like to blame my small transgression on modern technology.  If it weren't for computers and cell phone this little lie could never have happened.

It all began as Terri was giving me my usual buzz cut.  It's simple, she clips on the #3 attachment and in a few minute I have very short hair again.  The catch this time was I had a sudden funny idea.  I told her to just cut each side and not the top.  Done.  We  looked at it and laughed.  Next I told her to narrow the remaining hair down to a stripe down the middle.  And there I sat with my first Mohawk.

We laughed some more.

That's when technology and fate took over.  I had my cell phone in my pocket.  I quickly snapped a self portrait.

Within seconds an evil idea had occurred to me.  In another few minutes Terri had finished my normal haircut.  My Mohawk had lasted less than 5 minutes.   After we had cleaned up the hair mess I rushed to my evil computer.

Remember this was not my fault.  The evil computer and evil cell phone were to blame.

Within a few minutes I had had typed out a slightly altered story of what had actually happened.  I added a real photo of my "5 Minute Mohawk".  I hit the publish button and the deed was done.

Sister Sara replied to my request for dye coloring suggestions with a request for orange to match the upcoming wedding colors.  What my baby sister wants, my baby sister gets.  I down loaded the Google/Picasas version of Photoshop and within 10 minutes my "5 Minute Mohawk" was orange.

Isn't technology wonderful. 

A slightly altered version of the truth.

Now because I want each of us to learn from this experience with evil computers and evil cell phones, I believe we should all reflect on the fact that not everything we read or see on the internet is the truth or real.

Remember this was not my fault.  In the words of a recent Verizon commercial, "Bon Jour".
Honest Russ ranger with his evil computer.
No So Random Photo of the Day:
Candle light dinner the night before the big wedding.


  1. Aw, darn! I could be wrong on this, but I'm guessing that most mohawks come about as accidents, jokes, or goofing around when people are bored. A few summers ago, Indi had one of the boredom variety for a couple weeks.

  2. My wife tells me to tell you that you suck. But it isn't my fault that this is being passed on to you. It is my evil computer.