Monday, August 12, 2013

Day Four and Counting

Well I am still sitting here at St. Joe's waiting for test results to come in.  As they learn new information the medicines change.  They now know dozens of thing that "it" is not but they don't know what "it" is that's wrong.

The good news is I'm feeling much better. This afternoon I walked the big circular corridor on my floor for over an hour.  I walked at a good place without stopping.  The nurses called me Mr. Speedy.
My oxygen level was 92 percent after the walk, yesterday after a short walk it was an unacceptable 85 percent.  92 puts me back into the world of the living again.

I should be out tomorrow.  It's time to get back to major walking.

Terri, Sara, Charity, Shaun, Lucy, Trinity, David, Phoebe & Indi all visited me today.  It was very nice to see them all.

Hopefully I'll be writing from a different location tomorrow.

Another old photo for my kids and grandkids to see.
Great Great or Great or Grandma & Grandpa Ranger depending on your generation in the Ranger family.  John and Ida in 1945.


  1. I visited Russ and Terri in the hospital tonight. Russ was fully dressed and sitting in a chair. Terri was lounging in the hospital bed. I'm not sure.......

    If you see Russ, tell him to sit down and give his lungs a rest. They need to heal.

  2. It was really good to see you, Dad (& Terri, Sean, Chee, & Lucy)!