Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good and Bored

I know I'm supposed to be kicking back and taking it easy for a few weeks.  Don't worry I'm not overdoing anything.  I am being good.....Good and Bored.

So the mind has had lots of time to wander and wonder.

I've always referred to our new home as 300 square feet.  But I didn't know that for sure.  Not wanting to give out false information it was time to do some serious measuring.  I'm happy to report that we live in a much larger space than we thought.  As a matter of fact, after checking the figures several times, getting out the calculator, doing several formulas to determine the exact truth, the numbers are in. 

After all this blog is known for adhering to the whole truth at all times.

I'm pleased to announce our true square footage is 14.33333 percent larger than I had previously reported.  That's right, after fact checking, the first error has been found in the Lone Ranger's Blog.

My apologies to all that have been misled by my lazy reporting.

The truth is we live in 343 square feet.  But of course that doesn't include our basement.  I'll save that information for a later report when I am really bored.

Parked at Camp Crites......Shan and Beth's home.
Shan is building his dream hot rod.  He began with a 4 car attached garage and recently added another 2 car garage.  He followed with a beautiful storage building for his tools and toys that looks like a small home.

Now if you do the math, he now has room for six vehicles.  They own a truck and a SUV as their daily driving cars.  Add the one hot rod, that makes 3 vehicles.  

Six spaces and only 3 vehicles can mean only one thing.  He needs more hot rods.

Shan and Beth - Thanks for a wonderful visit, great food and lots of laughter.

Random picture of the day:  Who's the lady on the bike in 1959?
That's my Grandma Ranger - Ida Ranger in the front yard of our Parkland house.
Notice that Grandpa Ranger - John Ranger is in a wheelchair.
Charity and Trinity, you weren't pioneers in your wheelchairs, your Great Grandpa lead the way.

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